Hi, Are you aware that 90% of new authors are confused about what hard cover or paperback means? I know because I have had this conversation with tons of people.

OK! On the streets, some words are thrown around like, “no o, I don’t want e-book, I want “hard copy”. Hard copy simply means a printed out item, it is not a type of book in publishing. And so, when people who have interacted a lot on the street, where the word “paperback” is hardly ever used, use our world class website, they are tempted to pick the hard cover option and then because they’re not prepared for the cost they see, they bolt!

Well, I am here to clear the air and tell you exactly what these two terms mean and to help you choose the most appropriate type of book for you either as an author or as a book buyer/reader.

The following are the basic features of each type of book finishing:

HARD COVER (Or Hard Back)

  • Prestigious look and feel. Resilient, longer lasting binding.
  • Perfect for special editions and gifts
  • Hard cover books are more sturdy and more impressive.
  • They cost a lot more than paperback but it is more than worth it in the end.
  • The have the option of a dust jacket (as shown in the image blow)


Paperback is the most popular finish for books.It has a professional finish and is the standard for most books, whether fiction or nonfiction, drama or prose, religious or otherwise.

  • It is more cost effective than hardback
  • Paperback books are common, almost everyone knows about them. They are also referred to as perfect bound.
  • Finally, the word paper in paperback should not be miscontrued as 80gsm light paper. In fact, the back is done with cardstock as thick as 250gsm or 300gsm in many cases

Now, we have explained many more terminologies that will help you understand publishing in deeper detail.

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